Climate Strike


Climate change poses a growing threat to the existence of forests.
Act now!

Climate change is already noticeable in forests today. It affects the daily lives of foresters and forest owners.

September 2018

July 2019

We need more sustainability in politics and society. Forestry shows us how we can be accountable to future generations.

Foresters and forest owners support the protests for more climate protection

Today, many young people regularly hold demonstrations for climate protection and the preservation of nature-based livelihoods. We believe that the concerns of the demonstrators are justified. Foresters, forest workers and forest owners strongly emphasize the call for swift and consistent action for more climate protection.

The forest is suffering from the effects of climate change. At this very moment, foresters are fighting to secure the survival of forests. Dying trees have to be felled and removed from the forest, large areas of beetle-killed trees have to be reforested and wilted seedlings have to be replaced. Forest owners and foresters all over Europe are experiencing the effects of climate change first-hand – and ever more strongly. Even at the present level of warming, we are already in many regions confronted with more frequent and intense extreme weather events such as heat waves, droughts, forest fires and heavy precipitation. Unchecked global warming drives the loss of familiar forest landscapes. If we all want to save our forest heritage, then politics and society must be ready to make a change.

How can this succeed? The perspective of forestry is helpful here, as the forest is the ideal place for learning and training in sustainable thought and practice. The forest is a productive but slow-to-react ecosystem. It has been the everyday task of foresters and forest owners for hundreds of years to shape the forests of the future in accountability to future generations. In the same way, politics and society must be prepared to think ahead and act for tomorrow. The forest teaches us how to work together across generations.

The concept of sustainability originates from forestry. Even today, it is the guiding principle for everything we do in forests. For effective climate protection, we need sustainability to be a global core value. We have to change the way we think and take action in a courageous and steadfast way. Sustain-I-bility starts with each individual, but we also need the right political framework. We therefore call upon politicians and individuals to act swiftly and consistently for more climate protection. #Foresters4Future

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    Climate Strike

    Weekly global strikes – several countries are striking weekly every Friday. We are asking you to join us and walk away from a system that is destroying our planet. We call foresters and forest owners to participate in the demonstrations under the motto Foresters4Future.

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    We are a free association of foresters and forest owners. As “Foresters for Future” we support the “Fridays for Future” movement.